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Certifications Clients

        BAPS 188-001         Machining
  BAPS 144-005   Identification
  BAPS 150-003   Installation of safetying devices
  BAPS 168-013   Hardness and electrical conductivity testing
  BAPS 185-000   Grinding of steel parts (limitation- steeel treated under 220 ksi )
  BAPS 138-043   Apllication of fluid resistant primer (limited to rivet head touch-up)
  BAPS 138-044   Apllication of fluid resistant topcoat (limited to rivet head touch-up)
  BAPS 151-001   Installation of conventional rivets(manual installation only)
  BAPS 157-028   Pressure and environmental sealing (limitated for installation of rivets 600-91236-1 only)
  BAPS 175-005   Installation of interferance bushings (limited for cooling media only)

        HPS-182         Grinding of high strength steel parts
  HPS-010   Quality assurance requirements for supliers

        LCS F-17         Sustem of metallurgical control source
  CPW 548   Cleanless requirements for fluid carrying items
  CPW 152   Cleanless requirements for product items

        SQRM-001         Supplier quality requirements
  BPS 4467   Hardness testing
  BPS 4453   Inspection of conductivity of aluminium alloy sheet

        MAA1-10042-1 Rev D         Supplier quality assurance manual

        RPS 367         Corrosion protection of components during manufacturing
  RPS 905   Procurement and control of non-metallic material for the manufacture of components/td>
  RPS 905/1   Procurement and control of wrought material
  RPS 905/8   Procurement and control of non-metallic material for the manufacture of components
  RRP 50000   Technical control of manufacturing processes
  RRP 51000   General cleanining and degreasing
  RRP 58007   Visual inspection
  RRA1   Precision machining
  RRU17   RR Canada First Tier Supplier

Certifications Générales