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Located close to the Greater Montreal, Quebec, Canada, ATLAS Aéronautik is a private company operating in the field of aerospace
and defense for more than 50 years. Its two Centers of Excellence, where 150 experienced employees work, provide annually
more than 550,000 parts to its customers such as Bombardier, Moog, Asco and Pratt & Whitney.

Proud of a world-class performance in quality, ATLAS specializes in the manufacturing of complex hard metal parts for
mechanical systems and aircraft engines. The company manages an integrated supply chain
enabling it to provide finished parts that meet all the requirements of the O.E.M.s.


Our team can offer all manufacturing engineering services to its customers. It provides the elements necessary to optimize the design of the parts in order to achieve the required costs. Thanks to its development cell, the team applies the concurrent engineering methods while simultaneously advancing the fabrication of the first parts according to the client's design requirements.


Atlas's experienced team also ensures the planning of a multitude of solutions and orders its production plan in order to optimize its production. It manages its priorities, controls unexpected events and achieves outstanding performance. Benefiting from a strong network of subcontractors, the company manages all the necessary steps and delivers a high quality final product to its customers.


ATLAS has in-depth expertise in the manufacturing and assembly of mechanical parts used in flight control systems, landing gear, door mechanisms and hydraulic systems. We manufacture hard metal parts such as stainless steel, carburized steels and titanium. We specialize in gear parts and splines and provide them with the highest quality standards available in the market today.


In addition, the company has a field of expertise in high-precision machining of small components for aircraft engines. Equipped with high-precision, high-volume lathes, ATLAS specializes in the manufacture of steel, inconel or waspaloy parts, with an accuracy of up to 0.005 millimeters. The industry demands quality, precision and accuray and ATLAS can provide it to its customers.

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